Ajit Nawalkha is serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Mindvalley Italy, Mindvalley India, Evercoach and Upfinder.

He is also Chief Marketing Officer of Mindvalley, leading education company, that is also publisher of products like Philosopher’s Notes, The Silva Method and events like Zentreprenur and Awesomeness Fest.

Recommendations from LinkedIn

He is a “Make it Happen” guy. No matter how hard or big the results you give him to achieve, he will find the way. With a methodic but practical approach, excellent intercultural leadership skills and hard working ethic way above average Ajit will do whatever it takes to deliver results.

His contribution as Business Manager was Key to our Growth. He lead the team, groom them and make them deliver extraordinary revenues, all while having fun.

It´s been a pleasure to work with Ajit over this years. If you are looking for a guy that not only can but WILL deliver growth and results (because it is in his nature), talk to Ajit. Will get what you want and you´ll have a blast working with him.

Juan Martitegui, Founder Mindvalley Hispano

One of those rare individuals who take their work as passion and hobby more than just daily rituals, Ajit is one of those enthusiastic entrepreneurs. I had the opportunity to work with Ajit at several occasions, and his dedication to whatever he does inspired all around him. One’s ability to lead a team in good times and bad and one’s motivation to achieve excellence are qualities I’d associate with Ajit.

I would recommend Ajit any day if you’re looking for a turnaround in your project/biz.
A true entrepreneur, I wish Ajit all the very best with his endeavours.

Saurabh Bhandari, Founder SolarMaxx

Simply awesome doesn’t even begin to describe Ajit. He is an all-rounder – affable, capable and intelligent. Ajit has proven himself to be an astute senior manager here at MindValley. He excels at leading teams and consistently delivering results. He is a master at executing against business goals and at the same time is a whiz at marketing. A rare gem of a person, Ajit has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work with and I see nothing but success in all his future endeavours.

Prashant Nadarajan, Systems Software Engineer


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